Forty Creek: The Best Rye Whisky Under $20

After my local liquor store (Spec’s) ran out of my go-to whisky Old Overholt, the whisky aisle concierge turned me onto Forty Creek Barrel Select. My tastebuds have been the most reliable customer service agent when finding my favorite booze. I try not to be a snob about my alcohol consumption and take any awards a beverage wins with a fine grain of salt. In the case of Forty Creek, both the awards and my tastebuds agree that this is the best rye whisky for under $20.

Forty Creek Barrel Select

The best rye whisky under $20.

Forty Creek recently won the 2012 gold medal from the Beverage Testing Institute for Canadian Rye Whisky and has been quoted as “the richest tasting whisky” by Michael Jackson… the whisky expert, not the deceased 80s pop star. In my opinion, Forty Creek is much smoother than an Old Overholt or Rittenhouse. This rye is perfectly fine being consumed on the rocks or dressed up in an old-fashioned. For under $20, I haven’t had a better rye. Go out and pick up a bottle and see how it stacks up against your favorite rye whisky.

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