Reclaimed Wood Project: Pallet Coffee Table

I am currently working on my first reclaimed wood project: a pallet coffee table. So far, I have been able to remove a few of the wood slats from the pallet, sand them until they are smooth to the touch and stain them. Below is a picture of my progress on the wood. There are a couple of boards that have been sanded without stain (before) and then a few boards with the stain (after). The stain color is Minwax’s Early American 230, which I picked up at Lowe’s. The total cost of the project so far is below.

Partially Dismantled Pallet

Minwax Early American 230 Stain

Stained Reclaimed Pallet Wood

Pallet – Free
Sandpaper (100 grit) – $4
Stain – $8
Total – $12

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